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Zenith S

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The Ultimate 3D Off-line AOI Solution

The Zenith S is a True 3D measurement-based of-line automated optical inspection machine designed to maximize production quality of large, complex boards like backplane and server panels, while delivering both versatility and fexibility for cost-conscious manufacturers.


Key Features

The Zenith AOI Series is the only solution in the industry to base its inspection criteria according to IPC-610 standards for electronic assembly acceptability requirements. It provides clear and precise AOI measurements to accurately identify multiple defects such as missing solder, offset, polarity, upside down, OCV/OCR, solder fillet, billboarding, lifted lead, lifted body, tombstone, bridging, and more. Because it uses a quantitative True 3D measurement-based approach, the system delivers exceptional accuracy and repeatability.

During the inspection process, a tall component will naturally cast a shadow over nearby component placements, which has historically been a signifcant challenge for accurate inspection of the shorter components. Yet, the Zenith S, like other machines in the lineup, includes an option for 3D inspection of components up to 25mm tall. The Zenith S overcomes component shadow challenges by incorporating multi-projection moiré interferometry system.

Combining innovative vision algorithms and advanced optical inspection technologies, Koh Young delivers highly-reliable inspection of through-hole and selective solder joints.

With the Zenith series, inspection capabilities extend beyond components and solder joints. By combining 2D and True 3D technologies, the AOIs identify foreign object debris (FOD) across the whole board. WFMI technology provides solutions for dropped components, solder balls, dust, debris, and burrs, as well as copper exposure, markings, and more. By identifying these issues, the Zenith can help reduce feld failures.

The Zenith S system is a versatile inspection solution that is adaptable to many application scenarios, including pre-refow, selective soldering, and post-refow inspection. With a high degree of functionality, it can be confgured as an ofine Inspection-Verifcation-Repair work cell for an operator to perform all three functions efciently. Since the program is compatible with our inline systems, the Zenith S can be used for
ofine program generation to maximize the SMT line for production.

The Zenith S system handles large PCB panel sizes up to 650 x 600mm (25.6×23.6”). With the open board loading area and reciprocating shuttle, board loading is simple, easy, and efcient. Additionally, this system can be confgured with a third-party robot board handler or multi-axis robot to further simplify panel loading and unloading.

The Zenith S system is fully compatible with other Koh Young inline True 3D AOI systems. Manufacturers using the inline and standalone AOI systems like the Zenith S can prepare the job program on either
machine. Additionally, operation and maintenance training is minimized thanks to the commonality between the platforms. Finally, the Zenith S uses the same central library, Ofine Program Optimizer (OPO), and the AI-powered Koh Young Auto-Programming (KAP) features as the inline versions.

Koh Young 3D AOI Zenith Series delivers perfect inspection performance with true 3D measurement technology. We identify the component body based on true 3D profilometric information. Using this approach, we can provide trustworthy inspection results, regardless of component or board color variations.

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