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Investor Relations

Absolute No.1 Inspection Company

Shareholder Information

Issued Shares and Stock Information

As of Dec. 31, 2023

Classification Contents
Issued Shares Total 68,654,755
Common Stock 68,654,755
Preferred Stock -
Capital Stock 6,865,475,500
Par Value 100
Stock Code Common Stock 098460
Preferred Stock -

Shareholder Structure

*The Largest Shareholders include Executives, Staffs, ESOP, Treasury Stock(As of Dec.31,2023)

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List of shareholders of 5% or above

As of Dec. 31, 2023

Name Number of Common Stocks Stake Percentile
Koh Young Holdings Inc. 13,761,160 20.00%
Allianz Global 6,322,696 9.21%
FIRST SENTIER 5,061,321 7.37%
Bailie Gifford 4,011,765 5.84%