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How we began

Koh Young’s world-leading technologies

Industrial Technology

The first mover in the 3D inspection market’s ever-evolving and restless challenges.

Koh Young Technology was founded on May 1st, 2002, by Dr. Kwangill Koh, a former robotics engineer part of the first-generation robotics scholars’ group in South Korea. Dr. Koh adopted his knowledge and experience from industrial robots, chip mounting, and business management. Koh Young was founded on the management philosophy to create the “World’s best products through technological innovation” with the humanitarian ideal of “Benefiting humanity/devotion to human welfare.”  

With the confidence and expertise, Dr. Koh acquired throughout the years and with ten top-notch engineers who stood by him, they stood up to a challenge no one had been able to accomplish so far. His first step was exploration which was done not only by thinking about his customer’s needs but by visiting industries sites to gain more insight and knowledge. 

Through continuous R&D development and just one year later, Dr. Koh started his business, Koh Young launched the world’s first Ture 3D Solder Paste Inspection (3D SPI) solution which is a solution that inspects if a solder has been printed correctly on a PCB circuit board. As electronics parts were getting smaller, it became difficult to properly inspect the production process. Since the production process at the time relied heavily on 2D and visual inspection companies wanting to achieve zero-defect started to see a need for 3D inspection.

In February of 2003, Koh Young launched the “KY-3030” and right after it entered the market, it was recognized for its outstanding technology and global companies in the semiconductor, smartphone, automotive, and home appliance industries were looking to migrate from 2D inspection solutions to the 3D brought about a paradigm shift. Koh Young’s 3D SPI has maintained the No.1 position in the global SPI market with the highest market share since 2006 for 16 consecutive years.

Koh Young’s challenge did not stop there. In order to respond to global customers needs, Koh Young launched the world’s first 3D Automated Optical Inspection (3D AOI) which inspects if semiconductor components are correctly mounted on a printed circuit board in 2010. As the solution that overcomes the limitations of the 2D AOIs used during those times, Koh Young’s world’s only solution led the second paradigm shift.

Utilizing the world’s best 3D measurement technology, in 2016 and 2018, Koh Young introduced the world’s first production data based smart factory solutions and process optimization solutions, respectively. In 2020, the first 3D inline transparent material inspection solution was introduced to the market causing another paradigm shift. Koh Young’s innovation challenge is endless and continues to this day.