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Meister D/D+

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Breakthrough in True 3D Measurement for High Density Substrates, Shiny Components, and Highly Reflective Components

The Meister D is a perfect solution for production-speed 3D inspection for component and die inspection solution targeting die and small MLCCs using an integrated measurement tool with defect analysis software based on advanced optics and AI engines. The system inspects micro cracks, chipping, foreign material, and more.

The Meister D+ combines industry-leading Moiré technology and Koh Young’s proprietary new optics to support 3D inspection of highly reflective dies (mirror surface), a long-term inspection challenge.

Key Features

The Meister D is the Koh Young AOI solution targeting the demanding SEMICON-level products utilizing high density placements and mirror-surfaced components. In addition to the Zenith AOI feature set, the Meister-D delivers additional features required for SEMICON-level products.

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