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Ethical Management

Koh Young performs Ethical Management and Coexistence Management

Business Team Concept: ETHICS

Ethical Management

In order to fulfill our role as a global company, we conduct management activities that adhere to the law and fundamental principles to establish an ethical corporate culture.

Coexistence Management

We build harmonious business ecosystems and grow together with our partners and associates through mutual trust and fair trade.

Guidelines on Ethical Conduct

1-1. Koh Young Technology complies with relevant regulations

– The Company does its best to comply with the regulations of Korea and the countries it has advanced into. All employees are responsible for developing a thorough knowledge of regulations related to executing work as well as the Company’s policies and work-handling procedures. Employees should act within the boundaries allowed by regulations. They should comply with the wording used in the regulations and company policies, as well as any implied meanings.

– Employees must not violate these Guidelines on Ethical Conduct or the relevant regulations, and cannot order, approve, aid, or condone another employee’s violation. Employees must comply with the Guidelines on Ethical Conduct and company policies. They must not condone any matter perceived as a violation of the Guidelines on Ethical Conduct or even one suspected of being a violation. Any excuse that a violation of a regulation or the Guidelines on Ethical Conduct is necessary to carry out company work must not be tolerated.

1-2. Koh Young Technology respects individuals’ dignity and diversity

– The Company complies with the labor laws of the country in which it has a presence.

– The Company protects the basic human rights of each individual and strives to treat workers with a sense of dignity and respect, as agreed by the international community.

– The Company does not engage in discrimination in employment or execution of work on such grounds as race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion, birthplace, disability, marital status, pregnancy, childbirth, political orientation, or sexual identity. It acknowledges individual diversity and provides equal opportunities for all.

– The Company does not coerce forced labor or labor that is bound by a collateral or contract, or other involuntary labor.

– The Company does not hire children under the legal working age based on local standards of Korea or the countries in which it has a presence.

– The Company treats all workers, including temporary workers, migrant workers, student workers, contract workers, and directly employed workers, or relevant stakeholders, including job applicants, without discrimination. It also observes regulations that are related to the prohibition of discrimination, such as nondiscriminatory wages determination and other employment conditions.

– The Company provides a sound work environment, and complies with regulations, policies, and standards related to work conditions, such as the prohibition of exceeding maximum work hours, the guarantee of minimum wages, overtime pay, and social insurance.

– The Company does not neglect prevention activities as it observes regulations, policies, and standards related to work conditions, and takes immediate measures when relevant reports are received.

1-3. Koh Young Technology always competes fairly and ethically within the boundaries of the laws of competition

– The Company competes fairly by complying with the fair trade-related regulations of each country, and does not make an agreement with competitors, customers, and others with regard to unfair, competition-limiting prices, output, bidding, sales regions, sales conditions, etc.

– The Company complies with regulations and policies related to all export control, economic sanctions, and other laws that regulate international trade.

– Employees cannot accept items of economic value, such as money, valuables, or entertainment, from outside stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, or parties that seek to trade with the Company, and must not be involved in any act that goes against fair trade relations.

– Employees must not engage in the solicitation of outside stakeholders for unlawful business gain, and must not directly or indirectly suggest, promise, or provide money, valuables, or other items to benefit from such gains.

– The Company respects the business secrets of third parties and acquires information on third parties or information from third parties only through legitimate, ethical methods.

– The Company does not force customers or suppliers to engage in any act that might disadvantage a competitor.

1-4. Koh Young Technology maintains accounting transparency through accurate accounting and disclosures

– The Company accurately records and manages all transactions factually, pursuant to international standards, the accounting standards of each country, and company regulations; and regularly receives an accounting audit from an outside audit organization.

– The Company complies with regulations related to money laundering prevention, anticorruption, and the prohibition of the support of terrorist organizations. In addition, it refrains from trading with parties of obscure identity or less transparent trade practices, and trades with business partners that conduct business activities based on legitimate funds. It does not become involved in or provide cooperation for illegal false or anomalous trade.

– The Company complies with the disclosure regulations of the country where it is listed and discloses major management information in accordance with relevant regulations.

1-5. Koh Young Technology protects the information of individuals and its business partners

– The Company complies with relevant regulations and internal policies when it processes the personal information of customers, employees, business partners, visitors, and others.

– Employees who handle personal information inside the Company must carefully manage the personal information in a way that prevents it from being lost, stolen, leaked, forged, falsified, or damaged, and comply with relevant regulations at all times.

– The Company must collect and use personal information only for designated work related to its duties. In case there is a third party that can access the information, the Company must manage the information in accordance with relevant regulations, contracts, etc. so that the information cannot be leaked externally or seen without permission.

2-1. Koh Young Technology makes a strict distinction between official and private matters in all work-related activities

– Koh Young Technology employees are prohibited from engaging in any illegal act that involves using their position or duty for their personal gain: e.g. misusing, embezzling, or stealing company funds or assets or mishandling expenses.

– Employees may not use undisclosed internal information obtained while in performance of their duties to engage in direct trade of stocks, securities, or real estate or to trade through a third party. They cannot use undisclosed internal information for their own personal gain or engage in any act that harms the Company’s reputation.

– If there is a conflict of interest between the Company and an individual employee when carrying out work, the employee must prioritize the Company’s legal interests. All work-related decisions and actions must reflect the Company’s legal interests. And employees must, through objective judgments, consider the Company’s interests in all work relations with customers, suppliers, and competitors.

– The Company’s assets and facilities must be used only approved purposes and only to conduct ongoing work.

2-2. Koh Young Technology respects the intellectual property of the Company and Others

 – Employees must protect the Company’s internal intellectual property and confidential information and exercise caution to avoid the possibility of being leaked externally.

– Employees must accurately record and report important factual information obtained during work-related activities, and must store and manage the information in proportion to other intellectual property.

– Employees must report intellectual property which originated from or was developed in relation to work while working at the Company or after retirement, and must apply for a patent through the Company.

– The Company respects the intellectual property rights of other parties, including patents, trademark, and copyrights, and does not intentionally violate or use them without permission.

2-3. Koh Young Technology creates a sound organizational atmosphere

– The Company provides employees with a sound work environment and does not allow any direct or indirect conduct that may be perceived as internal harassment.

– The Company respects employees and treats them fairly. It strives to maintain and develop a mutually cooperative organizational atmosphere based on good faith.

2-4. Employees must maintain their integrity as Koh Young people in all activities

– In the case of a need to disclose the Company’s confidential information externally, employees must receive official approval prior to disclosure.

– While working at the Company, employees may not serve as a BOD member of a company whose interests are in conflict with the Company or engage in business activities that compete with the Company.

3-1. Koh Young Technology regards customer satisfaction as its top priority in management activities

– The Company places its primary focus on producing products and services and developing technologies from the customer perspective. In addition, it welcomes customer demands and suggestions to the extent possible and makes them a priority in product design, service enhancements, and other improvement activities.

– The Company competes based on products and services. Employees compete actively but must not use deception. Customer communication must be truthful and accurate.

– The Company places priority on customer satisfaction through customer-centered management. It quickly and transparently resolves customer complaints based on customer respect.

3-2. Koh Young Technology pursues shareholder value-centered management

– The Company actively pursues the enhancement of shareholder rights and interests by increasing shareholder value through transparency and Jeongdo management.

– The Company has responsibilities toward shareholders and timely disclosure of accurate information can be a part of these responsibilities. Employees should accurately record work details so that the Company can adequately provide major management and financial information.

– The Company places importance on shareholder opinions. Legitimate statements of opinion by shareholders will be carefully examined and considered according to relevant laws.

3-3. Koh Young Technology strives to improve the quality of life of its employees

– The Company provides equal opportunities to all employees and provides fair treatment in employment and promotions according to an individual’s qualifications, expertise, competencies, performance, and other considerations.

– The Company actively supports various activities for employees to improve competencies needed to conduct work.

– The Company creates a work environment where employees can work autonomously and creatively.

– The Company complies with the labor laws of the country in which it has a presence, and respects the rights guaranteed to all forms of workers, including temporary, migrant, student, and dispatched workers.

4-1. Koh Young Technology pursues eco-friendly management

– The Company complies with environmental regulations, international standards, and internal rules. Employees must also comply with all applicable laws and regulations in relation to the environment, safety, and health.

– The Company strives to develop cleaner, safer, more convenient, and eco-friendly products and technologies. It makes continued efforts to minimize harmful effects on the environment in all steps of its business activity, including product planning, design, development, production, sales, and disposal, and to provide diverse eco-friendly products.

– The Company strives to continue eco-friendly management activities by minimizing the use of hazardous substances, efficiently using resources, and recycling waste products.

4-2. Koh Young Technology places importance on the health and safety of employees and its customers

– The Company seeks to provide a safe environment for employees, suppliers and customer employees who visit its worksites, as well as other visitors. For this reason, the Company complies with regulations, international standards, internal policies, etc. related to health and safety.

– The Company establishes and manages an emergency response process to maintain business continuity in preparation for cases of external risk factors, such as a natural disaster, fire, and infectious disease.

– The Company places top priority on its customers’ health and safety throughout all business activity steps of product planning, design, development, production, sales, and disposal. The Company provides precise information on safe product and service use and management methods.

5-1. Koh Young Technology faithfully upholds its basic obligations as a corporate citizen

– The Company strives for stable job creation, faithfully pays taxes, and fulfills its legal obligations within the community.

– Employees must act properly at all times and carry out work based on sound common sense and reasonable judgment.

– The Company strictly abides by the local community’s regulations and respects its culture and values.

– As a member of the local community, the Company actively identifies social contribution activities, such as volunteering, and practices the spirit of sharing.

5-2. Koh Young Technology establishes win-win relations with suppliers

– The Company grows with the help of its suppliers and thus promises to grow together with them. The Company recognizes suppliers as strategic partners in the pursuit of the common value — customer satisfaction — based on mutual trust, and establishes a sound win-win system of cooperation.

– The Company applies impartial standards when choosing suppliers without discrimination.

– The Company makes recommendations so that suppliers comply with regulations and international standards on human rights, child labor, work hours, forced labor, discrimination, and the environment.

5-3. Koh Young Technology pursues the highest level of quality to ensure customer value and happiness

– The Company adopts a mindset of placing top priority on its customers as the basis of its management activities. Each employee must make their utmost efforts to enhance customer value by providing top-tier quality products.

– To achieve customer satisfaction, the Company develops products through top-tier quality management and strictly abides by quality-related regulations, international standards, and internal rules. Employees must also take special precautions so that they do not engage in any conduct that violates the above.

– The Company strives for quality innovation to establish a defect-free parts quality system in close cooperation with suppliers.

Obligation to Abide by the Guidelines on Ethical Conduct

Koh Young Technology employees must have thorough knowledge of and observe relevant regulations applied to employees in relation to the Company’s work as well as the Company’s internal rules. Employees must always act within the boundaries of relevant regulations, and must comply with the wording stipulated in laws and regulations as well as the meaning implicated in the wording. If they have a question regarding the application and interpretation of regulations, they must not hesitate to ask for advice to the Corporate Planning Department.

Application Scope

-These Guidelines on Ethical Conduct apply to Koh Young Technology and its employees, as well as its domestic and overseas subsidiaries in which Koh Young Technology owns majority shares and their employees. Business partners that work for Koh Young Technology must also observe these Guidelines on Ethical Conduct when carrying out work related to Koh Young Technology.

Reporting Violations

-When an employee becomes aware of an act in violation of these Guidelines on Ethical Conduct or that has a possibility of violating these Guidelines, the employee must immediately create a detailed report based on the 5W1H method to the extent possible and report the violation to Koh Young Technology’s internal grievance consultation center or to cyber reporting e-mail address (

-A false report made with malicious intent under libel, and the person making the report may be subject to due disciplinary action.

-To ensure employees may raise issues without fear of disadvantage, the Company protects the identity of whistleblowers and does not allow such conduct as discrimination, harassment, or threat towards the whistleblower. An employee who becomes aware of the identity of a whistleblower either through his or her duty or by accident must not reveal the identity of the whistleblower no matter who they are. Any action intended to track down the identity of a whistleblower is strictly prohibited. If the Company suspects that a whistleblower will be discriminated against due to their identity being exposed, the Company must protect the whistleblower through reasonable HR measures.

Disciplinary Action in Case of Violation

-The Company plans to take strict disciplinary action against any employee who violates these Guidelines on Ethical Conduct in consideration of the characteristics of the matter and in accordance with what is stipulated in the Rules of Employment. An employee who retires because they violated the Guidelines on Ethical Conduct will be subject to company access and trade restrictions.