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Industrial Technology

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Industrial Technology


Explore the Depths of Your Process 

Conformal coating protects and isolates electronic circuitry from moisture, debris, corrosion, and shock, plus it adds mechanical stability to reduce failures and improve reliability. It is a technique widely used in the automotive, LED, military, aerospace, medical, and mobile industries.

Most optical systems use UV light to inspect the surface for presence and gauges to measure material thickness in a particular spot, which does not provide the accuracy and repeatability needed. Inspecting transparent materials proved to be a challenge due to the laser’s shallow penetration depth and elapsed time. Koh Young developed the ultimate solution to these challenges.

Explore the Depths of Your Process

> True 3D Profiling

> Superior Performance

> AI-Powered Capabilities

> From Lab Testing to Industry Inspection for High Throughput

> Fully Automated In-line Inspection Solution for Extra-long Applications

> Top and Bottom Inspection

True 3D Profiling

Koh Young developed a non-destructive thickness measurement solution for transparent materials. The system allows manufacturers to explore depths of its process and accurately identify defects with 2D, 3D, and cross-section views.

The system accurately measures materials for coverage, thickness, and consistency with user-defined threshold setting. It also inspects bubbles and other defects as small as 200-micros, even inspecting “keep out” areas for 100-micron splash marks.

Superior Performance – L.I.F.T Technology

The Koh Young L.I.F.T technology delivers non-destructive 3D inspection to precisely measure and inspect fluids that are wet or dry. Based on low-coherence interferometry, L.I.F.T. employs Near Infrared (NIR) Light to capture images through multiple layers of a fluid structure regardless of transparency. This patented technology provides the most accurate and reliable 3D inspection across any surface – Smooth, uneven, or rough.

AI-Powered Capabilities

With its proprietary machine learning technology, the Neptune C+ offers enhanced inspection capabilities enabling autonomous bubble inspection without teaching and endless tuning.

From Lab Testing to Industrial Inspection for High Throughput

Not limited to conformal coating, the Neptune series measures underfill, epoxy, bonding, glue, and more to deliver an accurate measurement of transparent, translucent, and pigmented materials. The system is currently suited for acrylic, silicone, polyurethane, water-based, UV-cure, and hybrid coatings with additional materials being investigated. The Neptune series handles several types of applications from research labs to high volume production.

Simple, Intuitive Program Creation

The Neptune C+ programming software provides a hands-on user interface, which emulates a simple raster graphics editor to allow intuitive programming with great flexibility.

Programming is further simplified with our wizard-based graphical user interface. All parameters can be adjusted for quick setup and fast changeovers.

Top & Bottom Inspection

Koh Young offers a function that inspects both the top and bottom of PCBs with a flipper.

Fully Automated In-line Inspection Solution for Extra-long Applications


Evolving applications like LED lighting, electronic vehicles (EVs), communications, and even storage can challenge manufacturers, especially in terms of board length.  The new USX series allows manufacturers to efficiently inspect boards up to 1,300mm long in a single pass and can be optionally configured to handle boards up to 1,800mm long.