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Medical Technology

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Medical Technology


Not FDA cleared or CE Marked. Sales approved only in South Korea.

Intelligent Neurosurgical Platform Combining Precise Navigation and Next-Generation Robotic Guidance

KYMERO is an intelligent neurosurgical platform of stereotactic robotic guidance fully integrated with our proprietary neurosurgical navigation technology, delivering pinpoint accuracy on a higher scale. 

Empowered by real-time precision navigation and robotic trajectory alignment, it has been specifically engineered to assist neurosurgeons as a tool to ensure accuracy and to improve efficiency in the O.R. in a broad range of applications including stereotactic procedures, biopsies, shunts, navigated tumor resection cases and more. 

Adding to its advanced capabilities, KYMERO also assists and adapts to the clinical workflows, ranging from surgical planning and patient registration to intra-operative imaging.

KYMERO is cleared for clinical use in South Korea and has been proving itself as a reliable solution with over 200 successful neurosurgical cases already completed. 

Intelligent Neurosurgical Platform Combining Precise Navigation and Next Generation Robotic Guidance

> Superior System Accuracy

> High Utility System for Robotic Guidance & Neurosurgical Navigation

> Enhanced Efficiency Through Increased Automation

> Quick, Accurate, and Seamless Patient Registration

> Optimized Workflow for Intra-operative Imaging in Robotic Cases