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KPO Printer

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Yield Improvement through AI-Powered Printing Process Optimization 

KPO(Koh Young Process Optimizer) Printer is an AI-based automatic printing process optimizer. This solution applies machine learning algorithms to real-time print process data and delivers the optimum printing parameters. KPO Printer allows customers to monitor print quality and optimize parameters in real-time to guarantee the best print quality without any intervention by an operator or process expert.

Key Features

PDM detects different defects related to printer setup by studying the patterns of solder paste depositions on the PCB through multiple anomaly detection algorithms. This module ensures a correct printer setup and highlights special cause variations in the process.

PAM is developed to recommend the optimal printing parameters including printing speed, pressure, and separation speed. With SPI-to-printer communication, PAM automatically performs DOEs designed to perform a detailed SPI result analysis using advanced diagnostic algorithms and then recommends the ideal print parameters. This helps avoid the trial-and-error experimental runs to set up the printing parameters, especially for New product Introductory (NPI). 

Printing quality is changeable during production because of environmental changes or other printing conditions. POM is developed to maintain or even improve the printing quality by monitoring production data in real time and adjusting the printing parameters in a fully-automated manner.

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