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Koh Young Never Says No to Challenges.

Providing solutions for our customers has been a driving force for Koh Young since the very beginning.

Business Model

Our strategy in technology development is to rapidly respond to fast-moving technology trends and to our customers needs while maintaining a spiral growth strategy underpinned by our core competencies and technologies.


Delivering true 3D benefits and solutions through incomparable technology and restless innovation.

Solder Paste Inspection Solutions

Highest performing True 3D inspection solutions providing quantitative 3D data to determine the process quality by precisely measuring the printed solder paste applied to the surface of the PCB to identify defects and improve production yields through innovation

Automated Optical Inspection Solutions

AI-powered AOI Solutions with True 3D profilometric measurement technology to precisely measure and inspect the components, shapes, foreign materials, solder joints, and more to ensure they are properly mounted to the PCB or formed

Semiconductor Inspection Solutions

Market-proven premium inspection solutions for advanced packaging, mini/Micro-LED, wafer-level packaging applications to inspect micro solder paste deposits, highly-reflective surface die, semi-transparent, glass die, inner and surface crack of mirror-surface die, and more.

Dispensing Process Inspection Solutions

Industry’s first inspection solutions for transparent materials based on Koh Young’s patented L.I.F.T. and proprietary machine-learning technology to not only inspect conformal coating, but to deliver solutions for underfill, epoxy, bonding glue, and accurate measurement of transparent, translucent, and pigmented materials.

Final Optical inspection Solutions

An automated final optical inspection solutions for back-end pin & machining processes. Combining advanced high-resolution optics and innovative vision algorithms for single pins, press-fit, Fork Pins, and pins inside a connector shroud. Also, providing precise automated size measurement and appearance inspection solution for components, partially-finished products, and finished products during machining & assembling process

Smart Factory Solutions

Our cutting-edge smart factory solutions  to maximize production efficiency by combining industry standards with AI engines to go beyond simple machine connectivity and open the gates to a smart factory.  The AI-powered Koh Young Process Optimizer Solutions automatically exercises complex algorithms to develop and implement printing & mounting process improvements in real-time.


Providing exceptional tool guidance accuracy and workflow efficiency for complex stereotactic and navigated procedures. 

Neurosurgical Robotic Navigation System

A high precision, high utility robot guidance and neurosurgical navigation system which delivers superior accuracy powered by Koh Young’s unique optical tracking technology and proven excellency in mechatronic engineering.

Not FDA cleared or CE Marked. Sales approved only in South Korea.