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How we began

Koh Young’s world-leading technologies

Medical Technology

As the world leader in high-speed measurement and inspection solutions for the semiconductor packaging and printed circuit board assembly markets, Koh Young pioneered true 3D inspection technology as a breakthrough innovation for the electronics industry. With a passion for improving human life through technology embodied in our culture and affirmed in our mission, smart innovation in medical advances also has been in our sights since our inception in 2002. Leveraging our core strengths in robotics and 3D measurement, we are now poised to bring next-generation precision accuracy to neurosurgery and improve patient safety worldwide. 

With focused efforts since 2011, we proudly released KYMERO, the intelligent stereotactic robotic neurosurgical guidance system, in South Korea in 2020. We will continuously strive to advance human lives through innovation by providing transformational solutions for the healthcare industry.