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Industrial Technology

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Industrial Technology

Final Optical Inspection

World-Class True 3D Inspection Technology for Hybrid Inspection Tasks

Unlike SMT, the back-end Pin Insertion & Machining process does not have a standard flow. These days, manufacturers are searching for an automated back-end & machining/final assembly inspection solutions to move toward the Smart Factory. Built on its world-class True 3D inspection technology, Koh Young’s KY-P3 and Infy series breaks through barriers associated with inspection products containing a mix of both SMDs and pins, or components/products in each stage of the machining and assembling process for variuos manufacturing industries.

World-class True 3D Inspection Technology for Hybrid Inspection Tasks

> Unmatched Inspection Versatility

> True 3D Inspection Capability

> Superior Accuracy

> Versatile Handling Mechanisms


Unmatched Inspection Versatility

Based on its world-class True 3D inspection technology, new enhancements to the KY-P3 lineup provides an automated back-end solution combining advanced high-resolution optics and innovative AI-powered vision algorithms for single pins, press-fit, fork-type pins, pins surrounded by the walls of a connector shroud, final optical inspection for ECU products, while also inspecting traditional SMDs on the same product.

True 3D Inspection Capability

Pin and terminal characteristics are vastly different than typical SMD components. Consider that pins are pointed and thin compared to a box-like capacitor. Using Koh Young’s specially-designed optical probe, the KY-P3 series precisely measures the height, tilt, pitch, and spacing of these difficult shapes.

What’s more, pins are now always on the PCB surface. They can be hidden inside the connectors of a final assembly. The KY-P3 series uses latest technology to perform a True 3D measurement that is on target and precise, unlike conventional 2D inspection systems.

Superior Accuracy

The KY-P3 series delivers reliable 3D inspection results with ±0.75% full scale height linearity.

Versatile Handling Mechanisms

Handling products at the back-end process has proven to be a challenge, yet Koh Young provides a perfect product line-up with versatile handling mechanisms. It offers multiple boards and carrier handling solutions to accommodate multiple types of PCBs, connectors, terminals, and even final assemblies with housing pins.