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KPO Mounter

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Yield Improvement through AI-Powered Mounting Process Optimization

Based on Koh Young’s accurate True 3D measurement data and its proprietary deep learning technology, KPO(Koh Young Process Optimizer) Mounter enables real-time mounting process optimization. With seamless communication between the mounter and a pre-reflow AOI, the software analyzes defects, provides real-time feedback, identifies the root causes, and provides actionable information – all based on Koh Young’s proprietary AI engine.

Key Features

Mounter Diagnosis detects and identifies root causes of the mounter offsets induced from different mounter units such as the head, holder, nozzle, feeder, reel, and components. Furthermore, Mounter Diagnosis specifically diagnoses and troubleshoots the issues with studying offset patterns and suggests troubleshooting procedures based on maintenance manual and tips from the mounter experts.

Mounter Optimizer collects and analyzes corresponding Pre-AOI measurement data to identify the root causes of the mounter offsets defects in real-time. Based on the AI-based KPO Engine, Mounter Optimizer feedbacks to mounters for the optimal placement positions of the components in real-time through offset shift commands. Koh Young is currently working with industry-leading mounter companies to actualize this module.

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