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ESG Framework

Since our foundation, we have pursued a human-centered management philosophy, promoting economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Aiming to accomplish the ESG management vision to “realize a better world through ceaseless innovation and human-centered management”,
we defined the direction for each ESG area and selected 9 key tasks. Starting from 2020, we will specify our action plans for these 9 key tasks and implement them in individual stages.

ESG Management Vision

Realize a Better World through Ceaseless Innovation and Human-centered Management

ESG Direction

Environmental Management

Protecting Environmental through Eco-friendly Business Management

Social Management

Creating Social Values through the Pursuit of Stakeholder Satisfaction

Corporate Governance

Strengthening Trust-based Relationship and Enhancing Transparency by Building Sound Corporate Governance

Key ESG Tasks

  • Advancing the Environmental
    Management System
  • Establishing a Climate Change
    Response System
  • Improving the integrated Supply
    Chain Management System
    (Environmental Aspect)
  • Strengthening Talent Management
    while Improving Employee Satisfaction
  • Improving the Integrated Supply
    Chain Management System
    (Social Aspect)
  • Establishing the Strategic Direction for Corporate Philanthropy and Reviewing the Action Plan
  • Improving Transparency in
    Corporate Governance
  • Advancing the Ethical Management System
  • Reviewing Utilization and Participation in Global Initiatives


Prepare a Foundation for ESG-oriented Management


ESG Report

ESG External Evaluation


Evaluation Year Integrated Rating Environmental (E) Social (S) Governance (G)
2023 B+ B+ A B
2022 B C B+ B
2021 B+ B A B+


Evaluation Year 2021 2022 2023
Evaluation Rating AA AA AA