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Koh Young goes above and beyond.

Koh Young is proud of our company’s milestones and honored to be recognized for the following:

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Company Milestones

20 Years of Innovation

From being a newcomer in the inspection industry, Koh Young Technology has flourished into the industry leader of True 3D measurement-based inspection solutions in 20 years. Koh Young continues to reach challenging milestones and grows its innovative DNA into every path it takes.


A Breakthrough in 3D Wafer-level Packaging Inspection

With its Meister product line, Koh Young is setting the standard in 3D wafer-level packaging inspection. Unparalleled inspection performance combines both innovative vision algorithms and proprietary deep learning technology to deliver 100% quality assurance in wafer-level packaging production.


Industry’s First 3D In-Line DPI with Thickness Measurement

Using patented technologies, Koh Young introduced the industry’s first 3D In-line dispense process inspection, Neptune C+ for transparent materials and offered enhanced inspection capabilities with its proprietary machine learning technology.


Industry’s First 3D Dispense Process Inspection for Transparent Materials

Koh Young unveiled the industry’s first non-destructive 3D optical measurement instrument for transparent materials, Neptune T.


Intelligent Stereotactic Robotic Neurosurgical Guidance System

Koh Young introduced KYMERO, the intelligent neurosurgical platform combining precise navigation and next-generation robotic guidance, in South Korea.

Not FDA cleared or CE Marked. Sales approved only in South Korea.


Industry’s First AI-driven Koh Young Auto Programming & Process Optimization Solutions

The industry’s best 3D profilometric technology combines with our AI engine to deliver true automatic programming (KAP). Furthermore, Koh Young announced the first AI-powered process optimizer or KPO for printers and mounters.


Industry’s First Full 3D Shiny and Mirror Surface Die Inspection

Koh Young introduced the premium Inline 3D Inspection Systems with superior full 3D inspection performance for micro solder deposits, shiny and mirror surface dies for advanced packaging inspection.


Industry’s First Comprehensive Smart Factory Solutions

Koh Young introduced a revolutionary Smart Factory Solutions for process optimization to ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability of the factory line based on True 3D measurement data from Koh Young systems.


Industry’s First IPC 610 based Solder Joint Inspection

Koh Young introduced the only solution in the industry to set inspection criteria according to IPC-610 standards for electronic assembly acceptability requirements.


Industry’s First Whole Board Foreign Material Inspection

The inspection goes beyond components and solder joints. Combining 2D with True 3D technology, Koh Young showcased the industry’s first Whole Board Foreign Material Inspection, covering the inspection of materials such as chips, dust, burrs, solder balls, and other debris, leading to costly field failures.


Industry’s First Groundbreaking Closed Loop & Feed Forward

Koh Young announced the industry’s first closed-loop communication link between an MPM printer ad a Koh Young SPI system that allows the two to work together to optimize the solder paste printing process automatically.

Furthermore, Koh Young unveiled the feed-forward to Mounters, transferring the result data from SPI to Mounters to mount the components on more accurate positions. Koh Young applied this to Koh Young 3D SPI and NPM-D series of Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd.


The World’s First 3D Measurement-based AOI Inspection

Koh Young introduced the world’s first 3D measurement-based AOI system which measures the true profilometric shape of components, solder joints, and patterns on assembled PCBs using 8-way projection. This revolutionary system completely changed the mindset of the 25-year-old AOI industry.


Industry’s First 4-way Projection 3D SPI

Koh Young exhibited the industry’s first 4-way projection 3D SPI to measure the authentic volume of printed solder bumps on substrates using a True 3D profilometry method regardless of shadow and sphere specular problems. With this innovation, Koh Young’s 4-way 3D SPI established itself as the de facto standard for semiconductor-level production lines at leading OSAT, and Chip manufacturers.


Industry’s First 2-Way projection 3D SPI

Koh Young launched the first 3D SPI system using a patented dual-projection Moiré technology to deliver reliable and repeatable measurement data by eliminating the critical shadow problem that all 3D SPI systems can be vulnerable to. This development was the beginning of Koh Young’s innovation journey, pioneering the market.