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Meister S

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Premium In-line 3D Inspection System for Micro Solder Paste Deposits 

The Meister S has been qualified for mass production by major semiconductor foundries and Mini/Micro-LED companies for micro solder inspection with superior full 3D inspection performance. Combining innovative vision algorithms and high-resolution optics, the Meister S goes beyond micro solder paste inspection, but also a proven solution for Flux inspection.

Key Features

There is an emerging trend within semiconductor packaging and display markets. In an effort toimprove production yield and reduce cost, OSATS, Chip Makers, Display, and Lighting manufacturers have increasingly been adopting flip chip-based processes to create next generation BGAs, SiPs, and FOWLPs (Fan-Out, Wafer-Level Packages), plus Mini- and Micro-LEDs. The Meister S SPI System is ideally suited for these demanding applications.

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