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Supply Chain Management

Supplier Code of


Koh Young Technology has established the ‘Koh Young Technology Supplier Code of Conduct’ to ensure a safe working environment and promote a corporate culture that is environmentally friendly and ethical, not only for domestic and international production facilities associated with product manufacturing but also for all collaborating suppliers.

Category Major Items
Labor and Human Rights Prohibition of forced labor, prohibition of excessive overtime, wages and welfare, humane treatment, prohibition of discrimination
Health and Safety Occupational safety, emergency preparedness, occupational injury and illness, health and safety communication
Environment Environmental permits and reporting, pollution prevention and resource reduction, energy consumption and emission of GHG
Ethics Compliance with Jeong-Do management, disclosure of information, protection of identity and non-retaliation, protection of corporate/personal information
Responsible Sourcing of Minerals Prohibition of raw materials that are restricted due to serious concerns about human rights abuses and environmental degradation
Management System Company commitment, clarification of management responsibility, awareness and monitoring of relevant regulations and customer requirements

Regular Supplier


Koh Young Technology conducts regular evaluations of major suppliers twice a year. Major evaluation items are development, quality, production management, cost innovation, corporate ethics, human rights, safety, and environmental management. The responsible Koh Young Technology personnel in each field diagnose the risk and conduct regular evaluations by comprehensively reviewing the transaction data during the corresponding period, along with the materials provided by the partner based on the evaluation standards.

Regular Evaluation Process



To enhance the supply chain’s competitiveness and achieve a mutual win-win with suppliers, Koh Young Technology run win-win cooperation programs in diverse fields, including innovation activities in the areas of manufacturing, quality, cost, and technology, as well as training and financial support

Category Content
Financial support programs for win-win growth

Make early payments to major suppliers to contribute to the stable operation and business stabilization of those suppliers

Quality system inspection and improvement

Support for inspection and improvement activities for machinery/field suppliers and key suppliers through QMS (Quality Management System) audits

Supplier Relationship Management System

Enable suppliers to view the information needed in the manufacturing and delivery process on a single platform, through which we are enhancing the productivity of our suppliers and of Koh Young Technology

Supplier Health and Safety Evaluation

Conduct a health and safety evaluation of major suppliers regularly to strictly manage risks related to health and safety