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The Industry’s First 3D Optical Measurement Instrument for Transparent Materials

Most optical systems use UV light to inspect the surface for presence and gauges to measure material thickness in a particular spot, which does not provide the accuracy and repeatability needed. Inspecting transparent materials proved to be a challenge for traditional laser-confocal or electron microscope systems that only measure three-dimensional shapes.

Koh Young’s revolutionary Neptune T provides the ultimate solution to these challenges.

Key Features

Koh Young developed a non-destructive thickness measurement solution for transparent materials. The system allows manufacturers to explore depths of its process and accurately identify defects with 2D, 3D, and cross-section views.

The Koh Young L.I.F.T technology delivers non-destructive 3D inspection to precisely measure and inspect fluids that are wet or dry. Based on low-coherence interferometry, L.I.F.T. employs Near Infrared (NIR) Light to capture images through multiple layers of a fluid structure regardless of transparency. This patented technology provides the most accurate and reliable 3D inspection across any surface – Smooth, uneven, or rough.

Not limited to conformal coating, the Neptune T measures underfill, epoxy, bonding, glue, and more to deliver an accurate measurement of transparent, translucent, and pigmented materials. The system is currently suited for acrylic, silicone, polyurethane, water-based, UV- cure, and hybrid coatings with additional materials being investigated.

The Neptune T handles several types of applications from research labs to high volume production.

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