We are live at SEMICON KOREA 2023. Please find us at our booth #C400.

  • Date: Feb 1-3, 2023
  • Booth No. : C400 (Hall C, 3rd Floor)
  • Venue: Seoul, Coex

Meister S
Premium In-line 3D Inspection System for Micro Solder Paste Deposits. The Meister S has been qualified for mass production by major semiconductor foundries and Mini/Micro-LED companies for micro solder inspection with superior full 3D inspection performance. Combining innovative vision algorithms and high-resolution optics, the Meister S goes beyond micro solder paste inspection, but also a proven solution for Flux inspection.

Meister D+
Breakthrough in True 3D Measurement for High Density Substrates, Shiny Components, and Highly Reflective Components. The Meister D is a perfect solution for production-speed 3D inspection for component and die inspection solution targeting die and small MLCCs using an integrated measurement tool with defect analysis software based on advanced optics and AI engines. The system inspects micro cracks, chipping, foreign material, and more.

Meister for WLP (Wafer-Level Packaging)

The Most Optimized True 3D Inspection Solutions for Wafer-Level-Packaging Applications : The Meister Series for Wafer-Level Packaging has been qualified for mass production by major semiconductor foundries for micro solder on wafer, shiny components and highly reflective components on substrates.

Neptune C+
Revolutionary True 3D In-line Dispensing Process Inspection (DPI) with a Thickness Measurement Solution based on Patented Technologies. Most optical systems use UV light to inspect the surface for presence and gauges to measure material thickness in a particular spot, which does not provide the accuracy and repeatability needed. 


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