World`s Best 3D SPI

Why Is the Solder Printing Process so Important?

The Solder printing process causes approximately 70% of all PCB assembly defects. Solder paste printing defects result in serious problems downstream in the PCB assembly cycle if not corrected. You must optimize your solder paste printing to achieve maximum yields and trouble-free assembly downstream.

3D SPI System based on True 3D Measurement

With unparalleled accuracy and repeatability based on its patented shadow free 3D measurement technology, Koh Young’s 3D Solder Paste Inspection System overcomes Shadow Effect providing the most accurate results available. This enables meaningful process control with various types of statistical data and defect analysis.

Manage Your Solder Paste Printing Process

Soldering defects begin at the paste printing step. Optimize and manage your solder paste printing effectively, and you prevent costly defects, rework, and delays downstream.
Koh Young’s 3D SPI is a printing process optimization tool. It’s a powerful hardware/software combination featuring Koh Young’s SPC Plus toolset that turns your data into meaningful results that you can use right away to formulate defect prevention strategies.

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