The World Best 3D AOI with Incomparable Performance

The Zenith series 3D AOI systems measure the true profilometric shape of components, solder joints, patterns and even foreign material on assembled PCBs with true 3 dimensional measurement, overcoming the shortcomings and vulnerabilities of 2D AOI.

Benefits of 3D Measurement for Assembled PCBs

Many attempts have been made to overcome the limitations of conventional 2D AOI, without success. Now, Koh Young Technology makes complete, accurate and omprehensive 3D profilometry available with the ZENITH 3D AOI system.


In the absence of true measurement data, inspection is subjective.
Zenith performs 3D measurement and is indifferent to any PCB/component environment variations.

[Specular Reflection]

Shiny solder joints produce specular reflections and sensor saturation in conventional inspection.
ZENITH performs volumetric measurement of the solder joint.

[Tall Obstacles]

Conventional AOI systems can not inspect components shadowed by tall neighboring components reliably. ZENITH has the ability to measure accurately even in shaded areas

[Measurement Range]

ZENITH provides a large height measurement range without compromising Z-resolution, delivering an industry first 3D image accuracy and quality.

Intuitive and Accurate Defect Judgment based on Measurement Values

Unlike conventional image-matching type solutions, defining ZENITH inspection conditions is easy and intuitive as it judges defects by measuring solder joint, component height and volume. ZENITH AOI is the only tool that enables true process optimization after placement, by giving process feedback based on reliable inspection results.

Flags and Quantifies All Defects

Including Missing, Offset, Rotation, Polarity, Upside-down, OCVR, Solder Fillet, Billboarding, Lifted Lead, Lifted Body, Tombstone, Bridging and more.




Lifted Lead



Upside down


3D Value = (Low False Call & Escape) + (Minimizing Visual Inspection) + (Maintaining High Yield) = High Productivity